Guarana 1.800 shots

Guarana 1.800 shots

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Guarana is made out of the dried and peeled seeds of the plant Paulinia Cupana. It originally comes from the region of the Amazonas. It has been used for a long time from the natives in this region for suppressing appetite and fatigue. This effect comes from the caffeine in this seeds but different to caffeine in free form or out of coffee it is bound to tannins and therefore the release of caffeine is slowed down. The big advantage is a longer lasting caffeine effect. In Guarana 1.800 Shots we have used the best quality guarana extract, which means higher caffeine level and better taste. The liquid form allows a faster start than a tablet or capsule, but with still a long lasting effect. With 1.800mg of high concentrated guarana extract we have one of the highest dosages in the market. 180mg of time released caffeine are equate to 2 – 3 cups of filter coffee.

VALUE 100 ml % NRV* portion 25 ml % NRV*
* NRV = % of nutrient reference values  
energy 615,0 kJ
144 kcal
  153,0 kJ
36,1 kcal
therefore saturated fatty acids
<0,1 g
<0,1 g
  <0,1 g
<0,1 g
therefore sugar
32,9 g
27,5 g
  8,2 g
6,9 g
protein 1,5 g   0,4 g  
salt <0,001 g   <0,001 g  
Vitamine B1
Vitamin B6
4,4 mg
5,6 mg
1,1 mg
1,4 mg
niacin 64,0 mg 400 16,0 mg 100
guarana extract 7200 mg   1800 mg  
Caffeine 720 mg   180 mg

1 amploule per day.

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